Professor Magnus Ming, a prominent Argonaut and the Head of Computer Archaeology at Titan Autonomous University, needs a team to investigate the fate of Tara Yu, a colleague who has been missing since disappearing on an investigation 2 months ago.
She was last heard from while on the trail of an old military satellite salvaged near Earth, the purpose of which are unknown.

In the course of their investigation, this select team of specialists will discover that the fate of Tara Yu is the least of their concerns, as they fight for their very survival and the good of the entire race.

This is the homepage for a group of newbie Eclipse Phase players. We’re all seasoned RPG gamers, but this will be our first exposure to Eclipse Phase, a big change from our usual swashbuckling action hero stuff.

We are hoping to also post up a podcast of our game sessions as well as tracking everything with text.

Information on characters, settings, locations, events, etc will not be posted publicly until after the players have experienced it. No spoilers here. :)

Stay tuned – it’ll happen sometime soon.

Glory ^2

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