The Titanian Commonwealth

The Titanian Commonwealth

  • Main Habitats: Titan
  • Memes: Technosocialism, Cyberdemocracy
  • Population: 60 million +

Titan was originally settled in the late 21st century by a European academic consortium, making it the only major body in the system colonized primarily by non-hypercorp interests.


The social organization of Titan is rooted partly in the Scandinavian social democracies of Earth and partly in the open economy.

On one hand, citizens of the Titanian Commonwealth eschew the use of currency for mundane needs, participating in the reputation economy used by much of the outer system. On the other, upon reaching the age of majority, citizens of Titan agree to a literal social contract. A portion of their economic productivity is quantized as social money, which is then tithed to microcorp-administered social projects such as gateless interstellar exploration, physics research, neuroscience, developing mental health memes, defense, public resleeving, and habitat construction. The monetary unit used for this purpose, the Titanian Kroner, is currently pegged to the common market price of a terabyte of qubits.

Social money and the microcorp system have led to some spectacular gains and failures.

On the up side, Titan’s civil resleeving industry produces more morphs than Mars and Luna combined. Massive infrastructure programs have provided enough space for 60 million people to live comfortably on a hostile world. The Large Collider, the biggest particle accelerator ever produced, in polar orbit, enables physics experiments that can be performed nowhere else in the system. And two years ago, Titan dispatched the first conventional interstellar probe, the Aubade. It will reach Proxima Centauri in just under 20 years.

On the down side, Titan’s “body for every mind” law burdens the civic resleeving system with a lot of people who no one would ever have bothered resleev- ing otherwise. The failure of the Scoop project, an extremely costly attempt to build a pipeline from Saturn’s surface to low orbit, allowing massive gas extraction without costly atmospheric skimmer operations, stymied Titan’s ambitions to become a major antimatter producer. Titan does produce antimatter, but on a much smaller scale than was envisioned when the Scoop project began.


Unlike old Earth socialist regimes, there are no state monopolies and no central planning. Anyone able togarner enough votes in the Plurality (the Titanian cyberdemocracy) can start a social money-funded microcorp and compete with other microcorps. Microcorps are owned by the Commonwealth, and profits are disposed of by the Plurality.

Microcorps are required to be transparent as administrative entities, and the Plurality votes on whether to transfer discoveries to the open source domain. Regulatory matters are handled by AI and AGI bureaucrats (red tape still exists, but it doesn’t slow things down …much).

The main reward for individuals in this system is rep. Titanians who invest a lot of time or resources in a given field gain rep rewards for doing so.

Commonly spoken languages on Titan include Norsk, Francais, DeuTch, Mandarin, Svensk, Dansk, and Suomi. Most citizens inhabit hazers, a tall, fineboned morph with very similar characteristics to the Martian ruster. Patagium for gliding and flying in the light Titanian gravity are a common biomod.

Titanians do three years of compulsory civil service at the age of majority, with an emphasis on military and security forces except for conscientious objecters. Every citizen who has done military service is part of the militia and has an assault weapon in their home.


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The Titanian Commonwealth

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