The Jovian Republic

The Jovian Republic

  • Main Habitats: Liberty (Ganymede)
  • Memes: Bioconservatism, Fascism, Security
  • Population: 100 million +

Exploiting the chaos of the Fall, a group of stations and habitats were seized in a military coup and the Jovian Republic was born. Combining terrestrial South American dictatorship with U.S. American political lobbyism, this regime quickly brought the entire Jovian military-industrial complex under its control.


Widely referred to as the Jovian Junta (pronounced “hoon-ta”) by the rest of the outer system, the Republic’s authorities hold a strict bioconservative stance against many transhuman scientific and technological developments.

Exploiting fears engendered by the Fall, the Republic restricts access to sophisticated technologies such as nanofabrication, cloning, forking, and even uploading, and is one of the few pre-fall economies left in the system. Public communication channels are subjected to extensive censorship and travel privileges are extremely limited.

Both uplifts and AGIs are strictly forbidden and treated as property without civil rights.
Diplomatic relations to progressive factions remain cold; heavily-modified transhuman emissaries or visitors are viewed with suspicion at best, or simply denied access.

Despite continuous reports of heinous acts of government oppression, the Republic’s intimidating military assets keep any other factions from intervening.


The Jovian Republic

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