Morteza Bey

Morteza Bey

Bey is young – born just before the Fall, his ego age is a mere 22 years. His main public presence is a gardening blog dealing largely with his work on various cultivars of broccoli, with livestreams of various gardening and cultivation projects, as well as a constant stream of tips and advice for other gardeners.

He works and operates his projects on Xiu’s Greenhouse, a small habitat of like-minded horticulturalists located in the neighborhood of Locus, semi-famous for its regular crop of genuine Bok Choy.

Bey is known to have been romantically involved in some way (on again, off again) with a local Reclaimer activist named Antoin Saul

Possible link to Tara Yu

Research into Tara Yu’s networking links has revealed that she has recently been in contact with Bey and called in a very large favour.

Recent local news reports list that Bey was killed in an attack on Xiu’s Greenhouse by unknown raiders, that his cortical stack was not recovered, and the habitat has been sealed awaiting investigation by the local defense council.


Morteza Bey

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