Job Details

What follows are the objectives and other details of the mission you have been hired to do.

  • Tara Yu, a member of the Computational Archaeology faculty at TAU, is missing, having disappeared during a research and retrieval job in the field.
  • Her last job was to find and recover an old military satilite that we recieved a tip about.
  • When last we saw her, she was sleeved in a Ghost morph.

Your mission is to find Tara Yu, or recover her cortical stack. If she is unable, you are to also complete her satilite retrieval mission.


I am making myself available for realtime text and VR contact. If you need any assistance or recover any information of note, please get in contact with me.

~ Prof. Magnus Ming


Intelligence Gathered to Date

What follows is a basic summary of all the information that you have so far retrieved.

  • Tara Yu has been seen leaving Titan recently using a standard Splicer morph.
  • A list of Tara Yu’s known associates and common social networking contacts
  • Names:
  • Information from officials on Vishnukan re: satilite salvage & history


  • Tara Yu has been active on the habitat Locus, during a week following her departure from Titan (see previous).

    • Has travelled off Locus several times via shuttle, for different periods
    • Has egocast from Locus and not returned since
  • Researched Morteza Bey (see seperate article)

    • Ecologist, Reclaimer, former hacker
    • Possible relationship with Antoin Saul, a Reclaimer activist
    • Recently killed during a raid on his habitat – seems to have been the target. Cortical stack was missing
  • Secured assistance of local Locus defense council – have agreed to look into this matter


  • Investigated attack on Xiu’s Greenhouse for local defense council

    • Borrowed a SLOTV for travel
    • Communicated with habitat AI and performed forensic investigation

      • Morteza Bey’s body and severed head were found
      • Remains of smashed cortical stack were discovered in close proximity
      • Certain circumstantial evidence of allegedly exhuman involvement in the attack
      • Unknown genetic sample recovered – not identifiable
    • Made contact with Antoin Saul and interrogated his fork

      • Fork was terminated in transit – attacker unknown
    • Made contact with Gethsemane Blake – Ultimate mercenary and expert on Exhumans

    Note: Tova Aune was unable to travel to Locus due to University commitments, and at this stage will no longer be able to participate in the mission.




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