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The following partial database has been established to aid your mission. I have delivered the encryption keys to each of your Muses, who will fill the gaps of this database as your mission progresses. I will be monitoring your progress. Good luck.

—Magnus Ming

As the status of the mission changes, details and updates will be maintained here.

You should refer to this section regularly to ensure that your actions line up with my objectives. If you fail any of these objectives, payment for your services will be void.

Locations of significance within the immediate operational area.

More information will be provided as needed.


Persons of importance who have been encountered will be recorded here. More information will become available with further research.

Social status is automatically maintained via direct mesh linkups.

Investigative Team


Involved Individuals


Certain organisations, philosophical groups and political blocs may be encountered during this mission. Information on these groups will be maintained in this section based on public newsfeeds and realtime mesh searches.

Due to the wide variety of different groups and philosophies in the mission area, we will not be able to provide a complete listing, only the most relevant.

Political Blocs & Governments

Philosophical Groups & Communities


Realtime search results for important tertiary information will be maintained by your muse.

Any other information that I deem relevant to the mission will be posted in this section of the database.


Main Page

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