Antoin Saul

Antoin Saul

  • Faction: Reclaimers
  • Location: Locus

Antoin Saul is a skilled habitat technician and is a prominent activist of the Reclaimers, the group / organisation devoted to restoring the Earth for habitation.

He has formerly been involved romanticly with Morteza Bey, but this appears to have ended recently, and it is believed that he has also been an aquaintance of Tara Yu.

He does not appear to have any knowledge of Tara Yu’s work for the university.


Of worrying note: Antoin Saul also appears to be involved with a group of extremist Reclaimers called the Variegationists, a group of outer system Reclaimers who study TITAN relics and technology, such as ##%$###__#$#____%DATACORRUPTION##%$… hoping to learn defenses against the TITAN technology remnants still active on Earth.


Antoin Saul

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