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Coming to Locus

Hey there all you guys out there in blog land. It’s me again, Mei-Li Yuan here to sparkle up your nights.

By now everyone’s checked out my vid. Hope you liked it. It’s been a while since I’ve been on Locus and I always enjoy the scenery. By now you may all be wonderin’ what I’m doing on Locus, besides making excellent fashion shopping vids? Well to cut a long story short, I’ve been looking for Tara Yu. Big side job. All hush-hush. grins

Just a couple of days ago I was on Titan and getting myself integrated with one of my forks. I’d been up for a while so I decided to check out one of the bars around town and took my new friend Sigma Ravenwith me. Oh and this guy I work with, Armin Zola as well though he wasn’t going by that name then. Bit of a recluse if you ask me.

Anyways, we were enjoyin’ a good meal and checking out the morph fashions when I saw this blog from our own Armin. Seems he’s got a thing for designing morphs as well and I whole heartedly agree about the waif fashion at the moment: no good can come of it. You want to be that thin, get yourself an exo-morph. However, we did get into a heated argument about flying morphs. of course it gathered quite a crowd (as I do) and of course my expertise won the day.

As a side note, it also got me a few orders for flight morph mods. Thanks to Sigma I got some good schematics and I think I might have another morphic design line to my Morphic Le Elegant collection.

After some relaxing katas, we finally organised an ego-cast to Locus where I got a quite nice half Asian / Caucasian morph. I’m enjoying the blond hair and red eyes. My other two companions didn’t seem to go as well with their selections. Hey Sigma, what was with the robot? We really need to hook you up with a better morph next time.

Of course I needed a place to stay so I sent a message to all my fans out there and as you know, the winner was none other than James Nyugen. I really like to thank him for helping me with the fashion vid. You guys need to check out his home. It’s got a great Japanese aesthetic with an amazing view of The Amoeba. Maybe I should make this place my second home. What do you think guys?

I’m glad I could make a fashion vid for you guys too. Check it out now. :P Remember that anyone can buy smart fabric clothing but you really have to know how to pull it off with your morphs characteristics.

Got some more leads on this Tara woman. I’ll keep you guys posted. And keep me posted on any new parties happening. All work and no play… :)

My weirdest job ever. Entry two.
Posted by: Sigma Raven

The day after

Quoth the raven:

Hello my ornithologist friends.

After I returned from Vishnukan, or my fork returned, okay I am not sure how this works.  Let me start over.

After fork-me returned to normal-me and we got re-integrated by <error>Kings Bishop<error>, Mei-Li Yuan and I took the day off to recover.  It’s so weird having two sets of memories for yesterday.  Tova was unavailable, she needs a few days to sort out some work commitments.

Mei-Li Yuan took Bishop and I to a great little establishment she knew and we spent the morning chilling.  You all saw my review <review> but I want to say again that the place was so welcoming.  That was as refreshing as the food and drink.  If you follow my blog then you’ll know it’s not uncommon that I get the old ‘snub the bird’ routine.  There was none of that at the establishment, it was a welcome change and I can’t speak highly enough of the place, staff, or patrons there.  Enough of that griping, i’m in too good a mood today.

During the morning we got into a discussion about flight morphs.  Mei-Li Yuan and Bishop didn’t know much about the practical details of flight, poor things, but they had some great ideas for making flight-capable biomorphs for the skies of Titan.  Back before the fall I got some modifications and upgrades to let me fly in the skies of Mars, and Mei-Li Yuan took some notes and scans of me to help start the design process.  I am glad I could help my friends and I offered to test-pilot the morph.

After that discussion, I couldn’t help myself and took to the air.  It was a great flight <video-1>,  <video-2>,  <video-3>, and I met another bird.  His name was Lee White, and he was in a dragonfly morph.  I found him while checking dragonfly designs for tomorrow.  My brother Omicron is in a dragonfly since he was killed in action, I’ve been keen to try one on for size since then and hoped it was a worthy morph for my brother and other birds and lovers of flight.  He showed me what his morph could do <video-performance_test> <morph-model> and i’ll try to get one tomorrow.  

That brings up another thing…maybe it’s about time I picked a name?  Um, nickname I guess.  Lee told me about how and why he chose his.  It’s not that I don’t like the name Mother gave me, it’s just…it seems not many other uplifts keep their original names, they choose new ones for themselves.  Sorry, I don’t think I’m explaining this well friends.I think I still have a bit of fork-lag or something.  

During the flight I let the boss know I’ll be out of town for a little while, like I warned her when Prof Magnus Ming hired us.  What happened later was weird.  After the flight I found out Bishop had started using this alias.  His Mesh ID said he was <error>Mr Pixel Face<error>.  I didn’t recognise his face at first but Rho did.  I’m not sure what the point of the alias was, humans are weird.  

Well, I am going to try to sleep off the rest of this fork-lag and hope Bishop makes more sense in the morning. 

- – -

To Locus or bust

Quoth the raven:

Greetings everyone.  

Our employer Magnus Ming helped organize our ego-cast to Locus.  It’s been a long time since I was last here, on a freight run.  I can’t express how much better it was being there in my own body not this crude shell.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

The ego-bridge facility at Locus was as good as the one on Titan, and their service was prompt and professional.  I probably should have told them it was only my third time re-sleeving?  Good facility, great staff, then my luck ran out.  Would you believe they didn’t have a dragonfly?  Not one.  It turns out that dragonfly morphs are rare here.  I had thought that they would be more common because of all the zero-G areas but apparently not.  Go figure.  

Instead I picked a really robot looking synth, nice and bulky and mechanical.  Check the moving red-light thing on the eye…eyepiece, visor, thing.  There’s method to my madness this time, even if I can’t get a dragonfly I can try on this synthetic morph on for size.  I’ve already learned I am spoilt and that my morph, my birth morph, is excellent.  Thanks be to blessed Mother.  This synth is solidly built but slow, well, slower, in body and mind. And its senses are so dim, compared to my real body this one feels like I am flying through a martian dust cloud.  I am getting used to it but it’s all wrong, I keep trying to use the wrong limb for things and my balance is much different.  Not to mention this weird not being tired thing?  

The last time I was in a synthetic morph was when I got conscripted to help the rapid response team work on the Cygnus when it needed emergency repairs.  That time everything happened so fast on the damage control team that I didn’t have time to really savor the slyhteroid morph at all.  And we managed to saved that ship.  At least that was better than the time they had me in a cheap CASE on Venus in 15BF, it got me through but it was a clunking piece of junk always on the verge of glitching or falling apart.  Hard to appreciate a morph when moving your waist-joint shock you and you need to re-tighten your knee joints every few hours.  On the other claw I didn’t have the temperature tolerance mod’s back then and would have bean a roasted birdie.  Compared to the CASE this synth is a smooth ride, and much more robust.

It’s ironic that yesterday I moaned about the brush-off from some anarchist types in the Titan because i’m a bird, because a lot of the people here are downright rude because I have ties to the hypercorps.  Heck, I was designed and made by a corp!  How exactly is that my fault?  One moment, Rho wants to tell me something…


Well that sure derailed my little rant, by holy Mother, no wonder the people here hate the hypercorps and The Planetary Consortium! Rho looked it up from the context-search when I started blogging about it, and filled me in. It sounded like conspiracy fiction when she told me and showed me the documentation, I can still barely believe it. Invasion fleets? INVASION FLEETS?! This is madness! And why did no-one tell me, wait, who else haven’t they told about this bit of ugly-history? What else haven’t I been told?

What total idiocy, there are few enough humans left without war, without more war. Your human wars are what led to the fall and to humanity being a scattered remnant exiled from Earth. To make matters worse it was fleets, plural, TWO Planetary Consortium fleets were sent to Locus. And for what? FOR WHAT?! What could possibly justify yet another human war?

And before anyone thinks i’m getting all anti-corp over this, think about it for a moment. There was no organizational, logistical or economic reason for an invasion. Locus is a decent trade hub but why not let the locals run the place and cut the overheads? There are basically no natural resources here worth taking, so, why try? Now instead of being an open port it’s a hostile port, and rightly so. So how exactly was this debacle in the interests of The Planetary Consortium? Who botched the cost-benefit-analysis and the risk-assessment for this exercise? And who repeated the mistake and sent a second fleet?!

Rho, look up who was responsible and what punitive actions were taken against them! That might ease my temper!

I’ve said many times before that the hypercorps are good at organization, planning, and resource management. That’s their strengths but the corp way is not the only way, which I’ve said before…but only after I worked it out from seeing it first hand. No wonder my first visit here was so much more pleasant, it was before this idiocy. And caw, I can’t think of any way to bastardize the corp way than an ill-planned and unnecessary military action that squandered countless lives and wasted resources.

I’m not anti-corp, or against The Autonomist Alliance, but I am opposed to war, work for human survival, and am definitely anti-idiocy. If anything, launching those invasions was anti-corp, it is a disgrace to the corp-way I was taught all my life.

Ten years ago I flew against the TITANs during the fall, on rescue missions to evacuate people. I did it proudly, and don’t regret it in the slightest. But if they’d asked me to fly against humans and try to invade Locus, i’d have told them to go get pecked, contract or no contract! We’re all struggling for survival here, and each life is more important than the flag they follow…and some idiots launched one fleet of people against a civilian station full of more people…and then some fools did it again?

I can’t reconcile this, this is not the way I was raised and trained by the corp that hatched me or the corp that bought and trained me, or any I have worked for since. I’m so angry, I feel so betrayed, the values I was brought up with got violated, and why did no-one tell me? I…I just have no more words for this, Rho, pause recording.

- – -

Rho, resume recording. Now I am working on the ships here in the Comet Express branch office, and getting used to the new body.  I thought it might be a good idea to give the locals a wide berth for a while. And, I really need the distraction right now.

Having hands here is convenient and I am starting to get the hang of it.  Not to mention that working on a ship like this, I am getting a real temptation to get back into the long haul space flights.  I wonder if Comet Express needs another freighter pilot, or a tech’?

While working here in the hanger we learned some things about Tara Yu, she was here a while back and we have some leads.  I won’t go into specifics.  The deck chief here has helped a lot, we plotted out some of Tara’s movements but have another set of leads to chase up.  She ego-cast out of here though so it looks like my time in Locus and this body will be limited.  Sorry for being vague but we’re mid-investigation.

Bishop is flocking with the researchers, I didn’t know he was so influential and well respected in the academic community.  Oh, and he’s using a new alias, Armin Zola, but luckily Bishop’s peers still know who he is.  I have to ask my brother Upsilon if knows either of my new menton friends and their academic achievements.  I wonder if they know him? 

Mei-li, wow, she’s a celebrity!  I had no idea.  I thought she just did morph design for the rich and famous, I didn’t know she was a celebrity.  Yeah, I know somewhere my sister Lambda is going to laugh at that.  You know I am hopeless at that stuff, sister.  But in my defense dear sister she is an expert at fashion and stuff, and I am definitely not.

They’re both really impressive and did great work today! They discovered a lot about tara Yu’s movements and it’ll help us track down the damsel in probable-distress. Prof Magnus Ming and his thrice-accursed vagueness, I had no idea Bishop and Mei-li were each so famous, and feel a bit embarrassed to be teamed up with these influential big-shots.

Feel free to message me, because I plan to keep working here in the hanger and to see how long I can go in this new body.

My weirdest job ever. Entry one.
Posted by: Sigma Raven

Quoth the raven:

Greetings my ornithologist friends.

Just like the title says, this has to be the weirdest job I have ever gotten. Professor Magnus Ming [profile], head of computational archaeology faculty at TAU, contacted me and some humans to track down his missing archaeology colleague.

The rest of the crew the professor chose are my new friends Mei-li Yuan, Tova Aune and Kings Bishop.

  • Mei-Li Yuan the famous morph designer, an expert in rare morphs. Her store is amazing, check it out!
  • Tova Aune the explorer and field academic. She looks very smart and capable, but is the quiet type. Maybe from so long exploring alone, with no one to talk to?
  • <error>Kings Bishop<error> who seems to be a colleague of Magnus Ming. Maybe a former colleague? No offence Mr Bishop but I am not buying that animosity act, but blame the professor’s bad acting.

We have to find and retrieve this Tara Yu [ profile] person, dead or alive. I suppose academic work is more dangerous than I thought? But that’s not what made it weird. If was the vaguest mission briefing of my life! I like my mission briefings simple, as you know. The basic “take the passengers and/or cargo from here to there in this craft”. We even had to drag the woman’s name out of the professor! He had no idea where Tara Yu went, what happened to her, when she left Titan, why she didn’t contact him, nothing. He only had the vaguest idea what she was looking for too, some old Earth satellite.

And that’s why I hit you all up for info. By the way thank you for your time and help, sorry for the bother and inconvenience. But we had to learn something about the passenger. We all met up at Mei-Li Yuan‘s shop, which was a top-flight establishment, and we shared what we’d discovered so far. Next up was working out where to retrieve her from.

The four of us plied our long-suffering networks and tracked Tara Yu’s activities, which resulted in my having to cast a fork to Vishnukan Station in Earth Orbit. You all know how much I just love forking. At least there was no resleeving! Anyway the people there were very helpful in our search for the missing lady, even though we came at a bad time and were imposing.

I didn’t realise that the satellite was a sensitive topic either, it was a military satellite that was salvaged about 7 years ago. I am chalking that one up to that vague-tailed briefing.

Next stop, Locus. Well, I have always wanted to see the place, but I wanted to visit on a freighter run not by ego casting there.
I hope I can at least arrange a flying morph of some kind at the other end, maybe a dragonfly? But definitely a synthmorph, if they try to put me in a human body I think i’ll flip my beak! No offence to my human readers, it’s a good look on you but not on me.

Wish me luck! I know I am going to need it.


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