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My weirdest job ever. Entry one.

Posted by: Sigma Raven

Quoth the raven:

Greetings my ornithologist friends.

Just like the title says, this has to be the weirdest job I have ever gotten. Professor Magnus Ming [profile], head of computational archaeology faculty at TAU, contacted me and some humans to track down his missing archaeology colleague.

The rest of the crew the professor chose are my new friends Mei-li Yuan, Tova Aune and Kings Bishop.

  • Mei-Li Yuan the famous morph designer, an expert in rare morphs. Her store is amazing, check it out!
  • Tova Aune the explorer and field academic. She looks very smart and capable, but is the quiet type. Maybe from so long exploring alone, with no one to talk to?
  • <error>Kings Bishop<error> who seems to be a colleague of Magnus Ming. Maybe a former colleague? No offence Mr Bishop but I am not buying that animosity act, but blame the professor’s bad acting.

We have to find and retrieve this Tara Yu [ profile] person, dead or alive. I suppose academic work is more dangerous than I thought? But that’s not what made it weird. If was the vaguest mission briefing of my life! I like my mission briefings simple, as you know. The basic “take the passengers and/or cargo from here to there in this craft”. We even had to drag the woman’s name out of the professor! He had no idea where Tara Yu went, what happened to her, when she left Titan, why she didn’t contact him, nothing. He only had the vaguest idea what she was looking for too, some old Earth satellite.

And that’s why I hit you all up for info. By the way thank you for your time and help, sorry for the bother and inconvenience. But we had to learn something about the passenger. We all met up at Mei-Li Yuan‘s shop, which was a top-flight establishment, and we shared what we’d discovered so far. Next up was working out where to retrieve her from.

The four of us plied our long-suffering networks and tracked Tara Yu’s activities, which resulted in my having to cast a fork to Vishnukan Station in Earth Orbit. You all know how much I just love forking. At least there was no resleeving! Anyway the people there were very helpful in our search for the missing lady, even though we came at a bad time and were imposing.

I didn’t realise that the satellite was a sensitive topic either, it was a military satellite that was salvaged about 7 years ago. I am chalking that one up to that vague-tailed briefing.

Next stop, Locus. Well, I have always wanted to see the place, but I wanted to visit on a freighter run not by ego casting there.
I hope I can at least arrange a flying morph of some kind at the other end, maybe a dragonfly? But definitely a synthmorph, if they try to put me in a human body I think i’ll flip my beak! No offence to my human readers, it’s a good look on you but not on me.

Wish me luck! I know I am going to need it.


GM post pending.

My weirdest job ever. Entry one.

Also – very good! :D

My weirdest job ever. Entry one.

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