Glory ^2

My weirdest job ever. Entry four.

Quoth the raven:

The title of this journal series is becoming more true with every entry.

We arrived back at Locus and made our farewells to Gethsemane Blake. I hope I can work with him again in future. It seems that we proved ourselves to the security corps because my c-rep went up after the mission.

Next up was repairs, and once again the advantages of this model of synth morph was demonstrated in the ease of repair and ease of maintenance. Very convenient, I give it two wings up…or I will when I get back to my wings.

It has become clear that I am the communications officer of this team, so it fell to me to make our report to Magnus Ming. I also contacted my employers back on Titan to give them an update on my ongoing leave.

Next We had several leads left to follow up on. We made contact with Morteza Bey who was more willing to talk now that we had neutralised the forces that attacked Xiu’s Greenhouse.

Unfortunately our fears were confirmed and Morteza Bey could not help us very much in our search for Tara Yu since he was restored from a backup before he learned whatever it was that led to the attack on Xiu’s Greenhouse.

Following that Kings Bishop, Mei-Li Yuan and I headed to a small habitat orbiting Locus that is apparently a red market. I was not very comfortable with this because a red market is pretty much a black market that can operate openly. I didn’t want anything to do with that so I decided it would be best if I guard the shuttle. Here the Anarchists rule and they have decided red markets are acceptable, but I don’t think the corporations back on Titan and Mars would be so forgiving if I got involved. That and I don’t need any contraband at the moment (/joke).

Anyway I was a bit in the dark on why we needed to come here and what was going on and then Kings Bishop and Mei-Li Yuan came back with some pleasure pod person whose name I did not catch. She looked like she had been roughed up by someone and Kings Bishop said we had to take her with us, so we left.

I guess it was a rescue, or something?

I’ll have to let my companions explain what their plans are. We’re flying back to Locus as I blog. Why do I feel like a getaway driver in a heist movie? Ah well, we’ll see what happens…



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