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Hey there all you guys out there in blog land. It’s me again, Mei-Li Yuan here to sparkle up your nights.

By now everyone’s checked out my vid. Hope you liked it. It’s been a while since I’ve been on Locus and I always enjoy the scenery. By now you may all be wonderin’ what I’m doing on Locus, besides making excellent fashion shopping vids? Well to cut a long story short, I’ve been looking for Tara Yu. Big side job. All hush-hush. grins

Just a couple of days ago I was on Titan and getting myself integrated with one of my forks. I’d been up for a while so I decided to check out one of the bars around town and took my new friend Sigma Ravenwith me. Oh and this guy I work with, Armin Zola as well though he wasn’t going by that name then. Bit of a recluse if you ask me.

Anyways, we were enjoyin’ a good meal and checking out the morph fashions when I saw this blog from our own Armin. Seems he’s got a thing for designing morphs as well and I whole heartedly agree about the waif fashion at the moment: no good can come of it. You want to be that thin, get yourself an exo-morph. However, we did get into a heated argument about flying morphs. of course it gathered quite a crowd (as I do) and of course my expertise won the day.

As a side note, it also got me a few orders for flight morph mods. Thanks to Sigma I got some good schematics and I think I might have another morphic design line to my Morphic Le Elegant collection.

After some relaxing katas, we finally organised an ego-cast to Locus where I got a quite nice half Asian / Caucasian morph. I’m enjoying the blond hair and red eyes. My other two companions didn’t seem to go as well with their selections. Hey Sigma, what was with the robot? We really need to hook you up with a better morph next time.

Of course I needed a place to stay so I sent a message to all my fans out there and as you know, the winner was none other than James Nyugen. I really like to thank him for helping me with the fashion vid. You guys need to check out his home. It’s got a great Japanese aesthetic with an amazing view of The Amoeba. Maybe I should make this place my second home. What do you think guys?

I’m glad I could make a fashion vid for you guys too. Check it out now. :P Remember that anyone can buy smart fabric clothing but you really have to know how to pull it off with your morphs characteristics.

Got some more leads on this Tara woman. I’ll keep you guys posted. And keep me posted on any new parties happening. All work and no play… :)


Quoth the raven:

Sorry Mei-Li, I was hoping for a nice sporty Dragonfly morph, but they were all out.

Morphic Elegance

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