Glory ^2

Morph Review. Cylon themed standard synth.

The morph I have been using on Locus has standard synth endo-structure and construction basics, with a modified exo-structure to visually / superficially match the design of robots from an ancient Earth science fiction program.

I have salvaged some records describing the show from the recovered pre-fall archive wikipedia. This morph is modelled after a Cylon Centurion from the show Battlestar Galactica and yes, these robots were the bad guys.

Naturally my initial impression of this synth morph was based upon my birth morph. It took some time to adapt to the shape, after which I noticed the morph was more restrictive than my excellent birth morph. What I mean is the synth is courser, clumsier, than my old morph.

But it has its strengths also, mainly that it is equipped with hands and is also very rugged and durable. The armoured metal exo-structure was very appealing when working on the hanger deck as well.

The morph is also very convenient, able to operate continuously and without the benefit of life support. EVA activities are much easier too without having to worry about punctures in a vacc-suit.

Where this morph really shone was in combat. I missed my neurachem, but this standard and un-enhanced synth morph performed spectacularly. This morph took a lot more punishment than my enhanced birth morph could have and still remained fully combat effective. This included close combat with Exhumans and point-blank HEAP detonations, and that was only using armoured clothing not heavier armour or dedicated combat gear. Considering a morph like this could mount durability upgrades, a hardened endo-structure and actual armour I think a synth would make an excellent platform for a security-morph or for rescue work in hazardous environments.

Overall I highly recommend the standard synth morph. A properly upgraded synth will be my first choice if I need to go into battle again, though a synthetic mask upgrade for better aesthetics would be preferable.



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