Glory ^2

Avenging the Fallen

Posted by: Sigma Raven

The communications blackout is over now that we have completed tactical operations.

Under the command of Gethsemane Blake of the Ultimates, our investigation team from Titan assisted in the seek and destroy mission against the Exhumans who attacked Xiu’s Greenhouse.

Kings Bishop, Mei-Li Yuan and I got four days of intensive sim-training from our leader en route.
It might appear Mei-Li Yuan wasn’t much use but don’t let the recordings fool you, Mei-Li Yuan was there in support every time even though Kings Bishop and I took the lead in the firefights. That was both in sim-training and in reality, she is tougher than she looks and how she looked in training.

The chance to retrieve useful intel from the targets was marginal. For me that was not the point. This was about wiping out a threat, and avenging the people on the greenhouse. It turns out they weren’t the only ones who needed avenging.

Gethsemane Blake narrowed the location of the lair down to one likely candidate, a colony of tenchno-regressives who the Exhumans had murdered. Because they hadn’t kept records we don’t know how the hostiles entered the habitat or how they killed the inhabitants.

The team entered and as we expected the power was down, so we headed for the reactor core. The team operated on the assumption that we couldn’t secure or clear the operation zone and the best course of action was to search for the targets. The chaotic layout of the habitat hindered our efforts and led to our first encounter, the primary target ambushed us and escaped.

During our search for the target it attempted to ambush us, this was encounter two. We engaged the target and destroyed it. As the footage shows, Kings Bishop withstood its initial attack, protected the team, and maneuverer it clear which gave me my firing solution. I lined it up and took the shot.

I killed the primary target but I didn’t handle that well, to my shame, this was my first time firing on a human even a former human. When I fired I was only thinking of protecting other people, but watching it fly apart made me realise that once it was a person, who I just ended. Bishop gave me a pep-talk after that that helped me keep going, and pointed out that it stopped being a person long before I fired.

Next we sought out the main reactor after that and restarted the power, which flushed out the secondary target. We pursued it but as expected it was a matter of flushing it out and drawing it into ambushing us. Luckily it ambushed me not one of the others, it happened in the tank room. This was encounter three. I engaged the second target and held my own fairly well, all things considered. My seeker weapons were not designed for point blank work but I was desperate and just hoped to wound the target enough to help the others take it out. When it caught me in melee combat I thought I was finished but this metal body stood up to the attack well. Kings Bishop and Gethsemane Blake came and saved my shiny metal tail with their beam weapons. They burned down the secondary target. This left me with 68% structural integrity damage and unarmed, but still functional. Even though he saved me, Kings Bishop was very impressed with my performance and attitude.

The team headed back to the computer room we discovered then the surveillance room and back to the shuttle for repairs and for me to re equip. The group discussed it and we chose to blow the habitat. The deciding factor was that we didn’t find the nest, we expected it near the reactor but it was somewhere else in the habitat. With the location of the nest unknown we had no hope of securing the habitat, not that we would likely fare well against that many Exhumans.
This was where Mei-Li Yuan came into her own, she was our team sapper and handled ‘the mellon’, the bomb we were going to use.

The tertiary target was in the reactor room waiting for us. Gethsemane Blake held it at bay while Kings Bishop gave fire support. When the hostile pinned our leader I failed to crash-tackle it off, instinct, instead of ramming the monster and went high, which would have been perfect for swooping in for a claw-strafing run but useless in this body. Live and learn. Mei-Li Yuan did better with her attack, sticking the beast with her sword while guarding the mellon.

Gethsemane Blake went down under the exhuman’s assault, it managed to poison him with a paralysing agent. Kings Bishop took up the challenge and burned holes in the exhuman with his beam weapon while I got a bead on the target and fired two rounds into it. Between the four of us we took it down.

We planted the mellon and got clear of the doomed habitat. I thought it was the people of Xiu’s Greenhouse who needed avenging but it was the unknown inhabitants of this habitat who needed to be avenged. Maybe it was even justice?



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